My Thoughts on the 2017 Color of the Year

By Leslie Sarmiento

Nature’s Neutral. That’s the catchphrase the experts at Pantone have coined for Greenery, 2017’s Color of the Year. At first glance, one might be skeptical. Greenery is not a muted sage, nor is it a subtle khaki. It is actually a very vibrant shade, very close to the familiar yellow-green that we would pull out of a Crayola box. So, it’s not quite neutral in the traditional sense, but guess what? It really does go with everything.

Let’s leave out the obvious shades of black, white and gray. Navy? Check. Pink? Classic. Orange? Makes me want to throw on my flip flops and order a fruity cocktail! Now I may be a little biased because I have always loved green, in its many different tints and shades. As an interior designer, I have also been known to recommend green as the color of choice for those conservative clients who feel safe with neutrals but insist on being pushed out of their comfort zones.

Indeed, this Color of the Year is neither conservative nor safe, and may be stepping out of the box for some. For me, though, it is a welcome and invigorating change from last year’s pastel pair. Of course it conjures up images of fresh spring greens and curly vine tendrils and blades of grass, but it is not a color so uninspiring that it cannot also allow for fun, unexpected notions of juicy limes and coconuts, of elegant peridots and country clubs, or mystical magic potions and dragons. Greenery is a color that definitely takes center stage and teases my imagination.

So. Would I wear it? Yes. Would I eat it? I probably should. Would I decorate with it? Absolutely! I wouldn’t paint an entire room with it, but I would consider an accent wall, for sure. And a rug, and some pillows, and some art… Honestly, I can’t wait to see all the fun accessories that we could play with as the year unfolds. It’s going to be a great year for color and design!

Leslie Sarmiento - Leslie Inspired



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