This month I wanted to share some tips that deal with natural lighting.

More natural light in your home not only can save on electricity costs but can also make your home look more beautiful. With spring right around the corner, light (and lots of it) can make the dreariest of days seem so much brighter.

Using Mirrors to Reflect LightHere are some ways to not only lighten, but brighten any décor.

~ To increase the amount of natural light, use mirrors on walls opposite windows.

~ Painting your rooms in white or light colors and choosing light fabrics on furniture can also up the brightness of your home.

~ Increase the amount of natural sunlight coming in by using window treatments that don’t block the light (such as sheers).

My design style is EFFORTLESS and ENDURING. Decorating should never be stressful or overwhelming. Let me show you a more laid-back approach to interior design… as well as a way to create rooms that can stand the test of time. I love designs that are classic, but with elements of current style to keep the look fresh.


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