Brass is quickly gaining a strong following from all the country’s leading designers.

It can now be found in chairs with brass arms, chandeliers, lamps, desk accessories and more. Brass has been steadily entering the mainstream and has been prominently featured in lots of decorating catalogs lately.

While relatively affordable, it still speaks to a 21st-century desire for luxury, timelessness and artisan-ship. Brass symbolizes warmth, Moroccan craft, and Italian and mid-century fantasy.

New Trend - Brass

It has also been called an essential component of organic modernism, a look that is rooted in natural materials such as leather, stone and wood. Consumers everywhere are embracing the softer and more mottled qualities of brass. Plus it ages so gracefully (and we love that).

New Trend - Brass

“If you like the look of brass and would like to add it to your current style… but not sure how, be sure to contact me today. I’ll help you discover a fresh new look that will transform the appearance of any of your rooms!”

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Leslie Sarmiento, Principal Designer
Interior Decorator, Author, Speaker

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