Lighting designers are replacing pieces that were the showiest of light forms in decades past. They are turning chandeliers into stunning lighting décor furnishings.

The focus is a deliberately modernist with a goal of functionality in overhead lighting. The lean, linear designs sometimes make people wonder if the glowing sculptures really are chandeliers.

Note that before this trendy revolution, luxury lighting was all about fancy glass, glittering crystals and curlicues.

The new designer products feature many linear designs where the materials, hardware, joinery and shades create the ornamentation.

New lighting trend

Some of the top lighting manufacturers have assembled brass rods into frameworks that resemble molecular structures with affixed glass orbs that brighten the whole room.
Lighting Trends

The new design trend states that a chandelier should be a part of the function of the decor. It should be evocative and capture the imagination, but also be understood.

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