Tips for Making Your Home Feel More Relaxing

Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

After a long day at work, nothing beats the feeling of taking off your shoes and heading home to relax and rejuvenate your mind. Regardless of the size of your home, it is important to create an amazing environment that makes you feel comfortable. The right design touches can help you achieve that feeling. Here are a few of my secrets I’d like to share for not only making your home look great, but feel much more relaxing, too.


Sounds exhausting, right? Well, it’s definitely worth it. Choose any room in your house in which to start, using a bin bag and a pair of gloves. Delve into cupboards, the backend of your closets, and all the other places you’ve forgotten even existed. Jump right into the middle of all the clutter and get rid of it all. Do away with anything that isn’t sentimental, because that’s become nothing but clutter.

Love your Bedroom

When leaving your home each day, it is quite easy to just open the blinds and fling your duvet over the bed. Transform your bedroom into an inviting haven, an awe-inspiring paradise in which to relax after a day of hard work. Place candles around the room for ambient lighting. Dedicate one corner in your bedroom to what’s important to you with some framed photos of your loved ones and place any item you hold near and dear close by, too.

Say it with flowers

Make Your Home Feel More RelaxingDon’t wait for a special someone to buy you flowers for your home. Visit a local supermarket or flower shop and buy a few bunches to place in your home’s living room, kitchen and hallway. Research on the benefits of flowers has shown that having them in our home helps decrease depression and enriches our memory. Use white carnations for loveliness, orchards for magnificence and love, and Calla lilies to symbolize beauty.

If you would like some new design ideas for your home, contact me today! I’ll help you discover a fresh new look that will transform the appearance of any (or all) of your rooms!

“My design style is Effortless and Enduring. Decorating should never be stressful or overwhelming. Let me show you a more laid-back approach to interior design… as well as a way to create rooms that can stand the test of time. I love designs that are classic, but with elements of current style to keep the look fresh.”

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