The most beautiful rooms are those that retain a feeling of not being quite finished. There is still a place for a painting on that wall, still a chair to be found that will suit that corner…meanwhile the room stays alive, young and growing…


I love this quote from interior designer Michael Taylor.  It is my personal inspiration for this online journal and for most of the work that I do as an interior decorator.  I truly believe, that what gives a room beauty is its meaning, and what gives a room meaning is the experience that is lived in it.  It’s not about the “stuff,” the fine fabrics and trimmings, and all that.  It’s about your perfect spot for curling up on the sofa to read a book or watch TV.  It’s about the light from the window playing on your child’s face.  It’s about the personal details that make the room unforgettable.

When my older daughter was a toddler, we chose not to have a coffee table in our family room.  We had a beautiful rug in the middle of the seating area, coordinating accessories and draperies, and that was all the room needed at the time.  We spent lots of time rolling around on that rug, playing games, taking naps, it was perfect.  But then my daughter became a more graceful walker, she entered kindergarten, and became more interested in table toys and activities.  So we decided the room could use a coffee table – and we found the perfect one.  It looked GREAT – but did it “finish” the room?  Of course not!  Because a few years later, I found myself pregnant with my second child, and I wanted to sit on the sofa and put my poor, swollen legs up on something that was NOT the coffee table.  Out went the coffee table and we ordered an ottoman in a fabulous fabric that coordinated with all of our existing colors.  I loved it.  It was soft, and comfy on my heels…but then the ottoman gave the room a completely different look!  So I changed out some of the accessories and the colors…and this is how decorating is.  It is dynamic, it is vital, and it never gets truly finished, does it?  Good thing I love it so much!

By the way, here’s a photo of a classic, unforgettable Michael Taylor room.  Enjoy!

Hey, thanks for visiting my online journal!  Until next time…

Leslie Sarmiento
Interior Decorator, Published Author & Speaker

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