Halloween Decorating 101

More is spent on Halloween each year than on any other holiday besides Christmas. Much of that money goes towards decorating items. Whether you are getting ready for a Halloween party, or are simply opening your home to trick-or-treaters, these ideas will be sure to come in handy this Halloween season.

Halloween decor

Glowing Eye Creatures

Cut ghosts, black cats, and/or witches from sturdy poster board. Decorate with paint and other craft accessories. With a craft knife, cut small holes for the eyes. Attach to a wall or use stakes taped to the back to stick into the ground. String a strand of twinkle lights behind the figures, placing lights into the eyeholes.

Ghosts, Ghosts, and More Ghosts

You can find inexpensive cheesecloth at craft or fabric stores. Unfold completely and cut to form ghostly shapes. These can be hung from trees or porches outdoors or can grace the entryway to your home. You can also use a thin white chiffon type fabric.

Spooky Smoke

Dry ice is the way to go if you want to fill your trick-or-treat area with realistic fog. Look for ice suppliers in your area or contact your local ice cream shop. They will often have dry ice for sale. Place the dry ice in a large bucket and cover completely with water. The warmer the water, the more fog you will get, but it also goes faster. Cooler water produces less fog, but lasts longer. A special note about dry ice: you should never touch dry ice with your bare hands. You will suffer severe frost burns. Use heavy gloves, avoid all skin contact, and keep away from children.


Cut headstones from an old Styrofoam cooler or from sheets of craft Styrofoam. Paint them brown or gray and add some funny or spooky epitaphs. Place RIP on the top and the dates on the bottom. For the name and/or epitaph, use something like, “C. U. Later.”

So have some fun with your decorating this year and have a “Spook-tacular” Halloween!

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