How to Combine Different Patterns

Mixing colors at home can be an excellent way to add color and texture to any room. Mixing different patterns will have your home looking awesome, but deciding on which patterns to combine can be a little tricky. Here are some of my tips that will guide you in mixing your patterns like a professional.

Designing With Patterns

Working with patterns

First, start with at least three patterns and arrange by different styles. After a few attempts, your results will be more noticeable and it won’t be long before you’re selecting patterns that compliment your space perfectly.

Consider your space

The space you’re designing will help determine the best pattern for the space. A small space typically works better with a small pattern in household items like furniture. Whereas a large space works better using patterns on larger items like a window or wall treatment.

Combining Different Patterns

Group your patterns

Grouping patterns of the same style together helps avoid a “too busy” look. For instance, if your style is traditional, use patterns that go with that same style. These types of patterns tend to go together quite beautifully.

Balance your patterns in your space

This is the most important step when mixing patterns. Align the patterns in the room equally so the space looks polished and balanced. Not balancing your patterns can make your room appear thrown together with no thought to the design beforehand.

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