The most important thing about color is that it cannot be isolated…Every color is only ever seen in juxtaposition with other ones.

–John Saladino

Pantone Color Palette for Spring 2011

How true this statement is, from architect and interior designer John Saladino, who highlights nuanced and elusive color in his work.  I bring this up because when the 2011 Spring Palette from Pantone was initially revealed, most people (locally, anyway) were a little bit intimidated by its boldness.  And I can understand…  The color of the year is, after all, Honeysuckle PinkReally?  No matter how you personally feel about the colors, I guess the question really is, how does this translate into a truly livable space?

John Saladino

Well, let’s take a look at a few interpretations.  Here is pink in Saladino Style.  As the focal point in a sea of neutral color, it looks amazing.  The masculine lines in the furniture balance the femininity of the color.  Also, note the beautiful contrast of the accent pillow in Regatta.  Unexpected, but I love the way that it turned out.

Atlanta-based Suzanne Kasler decorated this room.  Stunning, isn’t it?  Against the dramatic backdrop of Silver Cloud, the pink appears toned down, muted.  In this room, the pink becomes the accent color, rather than the focus.  In playing with this new spring palette, remember that the color combinations create the total look, and that the colors do not make a statement by themselves.


Finally, here is a way to combine the Honeysuckle with some of the other colors in the palette:  Coral Rose, Russet, Beeswax, and possibly a hint of Lavender on the walls.  Pretty, and as you can see, very current and on trend but not totally out there.  So maybe next time we’ll talk about the other colors… Until then, see if you can come up with an amazing color combination and make this color palette your own!

Leslie Sarmiento

interior designer, published author, speaker …and fearless lover of color!

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