How to Decorate a Long, Narrow Room for a More Spacious Feel.

Skinny is great for jeans or a latte, but for a room, a skinny layout can feel confining and small. Here are some decorating tips for furniture placement that will open up the space in your long, narrow room.

Decorating a Long Narrow RoomBack Away From the Walls

Using every available inch of wall space might be tempting, especially if your room is small, but this only emphasizes the closed-in feel of your room. Instead, try arranging a piece of furniture, like a sofa or love seat, perpendicular to the walls to visually shorten the room.

Next, balance the room and draw the eye away from the narrow walls by placing a low bookshelf or sofa table behind the sofa. This will help give you some extra storage and decorating space, too.

Break up the Space

Divide your room into one larger living area and a smaller functional space. If your room is near the kitchen, decorate that end of the room with a cafe table and chair for a breakfast nook. If one end of your narrow room has a window, create a corner reading space by adding a chair, side table, and large decorative plant. To define these new spaces even more, use different sized rugs in each space of similar color or pattern.

Decorating a Long Narrow RoomArrange your furniture in a square or diamond shape around any focal point in the room, like a fireplace, TV cabinet, or rug. Remember to leave enough room to walk around, though, especially if you’re going to utilize space at either end of the room.

Lastly, avoid the temptation to turn one end of your room into a home office or play area. The reason is because the clutter will inevitably pile up and make your room feel over crowded.

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