Homes today feature windows in all sorts of sizes and shapes. So it’s no surprise that window coverings can help you create just the right look in a room. For instance, using long panels will help create a more formal look, while shorter panels tend to add more casualness. Adding a tieback or fabric trim can also create a different style for your décor.

Here are 4 ways to utilize panels to help solve common window problems:

1. If you have a small window – extend the drapery rod beyond the window frame. This creates the appearance of a larger window and more light will filter through the room.
2. For large windows – attach the rod framing the window and use tiebacks and a valance. This helps enhance the beauty and highlights the window as a focal point in the room.
3. Handling short or tall windows – for short windows, attach the rod right above the window frame and drape only on the sides. For taller windows, add a draped valance to soften the look.
4. Need to hide a not so pretty view? Try matching the window color to your wall covering. This will help reduce attention given to the window and create a background look instead.

Creating just the right look with window coveringsOf course, today there are so many more choices in window coverings than just using fabric panels. There are vertical blinds, miniblinds, wood blinds, and shades of all sorts.

The best part is that you can keep it simple and use one type of treatment or create a little more drama by layering several materials together. Just be sure to do a little research on all the choices available before you finish your room. Giving this a little thought can help you design the perfect setting for your room décor.

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