It’s the holiday season, and that usually means getting your home ready for company.

Creating a Family Friendly Space for the HolidaysOf course, most of the preparation will be about the traditional holiday meal; so, your mind is likely to be preoccupied with things like the turkey, the pies, and all that you might need for a festive table. But if you stop and think about it, your family and friends start coming over to celebrate hours before dinner, and then stay a few hours more after. Throughout the day, most of your guests will actually be in your family room, especially if they love football.

Being one of the most utilized living spaces in your home, your family room will need some freshening up for company. While most of your family and friends do not expect you to completely redecorate just for the holiday, they will appreciate spending the day in a comfortable, inviting and beautiful space. So take a minute to look around your family room and think about what your guests might need so that they can kick back and relax.

Is a lack of storage an issue? Add a few storage baskets for a decorative touch. They are great for adding texture and interest to any décor. Also consider a storage ottoman. Not only are they great for storage, but can be used for additional seating or an alternative to a coffee table.

Have enough table top space to place beverages or snacks? Nesting tables are a great option for this, as the smaller tables only need to be pulled out when needed, saving you some space. Placing a tray on an ottoman is another way of creating a tabletop when company comes over.

Finally, you need to remember that somehow, especially in a very casual, relaxed get-together, some guests may actually end up lounging on the floor. A fabulous rug and some soft, over-sized floor pillows are all you need to get them into that perfect, comfortable position in front of the TV.

So, enjoy your holiday family get-together and have plenty of yummy treats!

Leslie Sarmiento, Your Personal Interior Decorator

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