3 Tips for Choosing the Best Color for Your Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring comes in a wide range of colors. That means it’s possible to find the perfect color to enhance any design style you can imagine. And even though being creative and going beyond the boundaries of traditional design isn’t always a bad thing, it’s still important to stick to certain guidelines in order to avoid making a mistake. To help you with that, I’ve listed below some tips to keep in mind when making your hardwood floor color choices.

Wood Flooring ColorsTip #1: The Colors Should Complement Each Other

The ceiling height, room size, texture, and furniture/wall colors should be the primary consideration when choosing your floor color. Likewise, the colors should easily complement each other. This would ensure that your final design creates the look you desire.

Tip #2: For a Small Room, Stay Away from Dark Colors

Stay away from dark colored floors in small rooms with dark walls. These shades tend to make the room look a little more dull and gloomy. Even though darker shades usually offer a more formal look, too much warmth can make the room look even smaller. Same goes for low ceilings: if your room has a low ceiling, it’s best to choose lighter colored hardwood floors.

Tip #3: Natural Colors Conceal

If you’re trying to conceal small dents, scratches, and dust, then consider natural colored hardwood floors in a matte finish. This helps blend the wood tones and diminishes the look of any imperfections.

Choosing Wood Flooring Colors

Some Additional Tips:

  • For a classic look, traditional shades of brown, such as walnut stains and chestnut work best. You can also opt for a natural unstained wood for a little more country flair.
  • To create a modern or chic looking design, choose black or darker tones. Add in some sleek furniture and accessories to make your room décor really pop.
  • If the main design element is your floor, such as in a large open space, choose deep, bold colors. This adds even more character to a room by making the floor the spotlight in your design.


If you would like some help choosing your design colors, contact me today! I’ll help you discover a fresh new look that will transform the appearance of any (or all) of your rooms!

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