Walk into any room and the first thing you notice are the colors on the walls.

And certain colors can create a real “love it or hate it” reaction. Bright colors tend to bring more life into a room whereas dull colors tend to bring more calm. Of course there are some color enthusiasts that enjoy painting their walls with different shades of color constantly. But for the rest of us, finding that perfect color is something we’d like to do just once. So, what is it in a color that brings out the best in a room? Today I’d like to share some items to consider when choosing that perfect accent wall color.

Accent Wall Color

First take a look at your accessories.

The last thing you want is for your wall colors to clash with the items in your room, like fabric colors, accessories and upholstery. Pick a color that complements what you already have. It doesn’t have to match but it certainly needs to blend. For instance, a lemon yellow wall might go perfectly with brightly colored rugs and sofas. Starting with your accessories will usually lead you in the right direction when choosing your color. This in turn will help you achieve the look you desire.

Choosing Accent Wall ColorsThink about the room’s mood.

Consider the mood of the room before choosing your wall colors. For instance, in a dining room you might want the wall colors to provide a comfortable and sociable mood. Using warm, bright colors will help create that particular feeling. On the other hand, in a bedroom you might want a more restful, intimate or dramatic mood. Usually, softer colors create the perfect restful atmosphere, while bright colors like red typically create more drama.

Pay attention to the lighting.

Lighting is equally important when choosing your colors. Since light tends to illuminate other colors more clearly, make sure the light and wall colors don’t clash. Before selecting your colors and hues, look at your colors in direct natural light as well as artificial light. Your colors will often change in different light settings. Choose the shade that blends well no matter the source of light.

Learn the basic color rules.

A perfectly colored wall requires a lot of thought. Learn the art of color blending, color intensity and saturation of paint. Remember, some color shades work perfectly together and create a receptive atmosphere while others seem to spoil the desired look.

Lastly, to really enjoy your rooms, bring out the best setting possible by designing in colors you enjoy.

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