Stay-cation Decorating

Create Your Own Coastal “Stay-cation” in 4 Easy Steps…

As much as we want to, sometimes, we just can’t take that summer vacation. Maybe it’s work commitments, or this is the year that family comes to visit. Whatever the case, there’s no reason we should feel stuck in the same old space. Beach and coastal themes continue to be popular in home fashion, and the huge selection of accessories can be easily coordinated to create your own unique summer escape. You may even be inspired to come up with your own fun ideas!

Here’s how to get started:

Fresh New Color: When we think of coastal colors, we normally think of traditional blues and whites, or maybe a more muted combination of pale blue and beige… sand, sea and sky colors. But don’t limit yourself to just this palette, or your space will look “generic,” with no unique flavor of your own. Instead, use these colors as a neutral backdrop for your favorite accent color.  Try to accent with some summery citrus colors, like yellow, orange and lime. Or some jewel tones, to dress it up – turquoise, emerald, rosy quartz. You can also play with soft pastels to keep your look light and airy, like lavender or butter yellow, for example.Stay-cation Decorating With Color

Light, Natural Textures: Coastal living is all about the movement of air: soft, gentle breezes flowing in and out of your space. So as you decorate, select lightweight, breathable materials. Consider cotton and linen blends for bedding or as slipcovers over heavy upholstery fabrics. Gauzy sheers can be so pretty on your windows, whether as shades, or as unlined drapery panels.  Replace your plush wool rugs with jute or sisal. And just for fun, why not try grasscloth on some, if not all the walls?

Decorate With Driftwood: Maybe it’s because we are trending towards repurposing and using sustainable materials so much more in home furnishings these days, but have you noticed that driftwood is everywhere? From table and lamp bases to ornate candleholders and containers for floral arrangements, driftwood is now considered a designer element in coastal interiors. By virtue of its characteristic sculpted look, a large piece of driftwood can even stand alone as a natural work of art. The best part is, every piece of driftwood is innately unique – so no two pieces are exactly alike.

Smart, Careful Accessorizing: Details finish the room. These are the items that tell the story of the space, that express the design theme. Fortunately, coastal and beach accessories are readily available in the retail market. But just because they are out there and are perfectly matched and coordinated with one another does not mean you have to have them all. Choose wisely. Before you get drawn into the novelty of these items, always be deliberate about where these accessories are going. Otherwise, you will find yourself cluttering up your new space with unnecessary objects. Also, remember that even relaxed and casual rooms still need to maintain a tasteful and elegant feel. So be mindful of this when you are making your selections. And finally, whether it’s giant coral, or sailboats, or sea glass that strikes your fancy, have fun with it! Decorating should never be a chore, or feel like work. It is, after all, your “stay-cation.”

Well, that’s it for my “Stay-cation” decorating tips. And, as always, if you do find yourself looking for help and are in the Houston, Texas, area, I would love to be of assistance.

Interior designer, published author, speaker… and lover of beautiful design!

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