Steps in Decorating Your Living Room


The colors of your new room should be harmonious – in pleasing proportion and selected with regard for your family likes and dislikes.

Comfort is key to selecting sofas and chairs. If you want your room to be totally hospitable, then be sure to select well proportioned and comfortable seating.

Group your furniture to allow conversation to flow easily. It’s also important that your furniture be adaptable to different situations. Be sure there is ample space for extra seating when you must accommodate an unusually large number of people. Arrange your furniture so that it’s pleasant to watch TV, listen to the radio, or even work on the computer, if needed. Consider traffic lanes carefully so that there will be no awkwardness in moving around the room. Also, give a thought to coziness as well as the aesthetics of your furniture. A home without warmth, no matter how tasteful, can have an adverse effect on most people

Choose fabrics that are pleasing in texture as well as harmonious in color. And consider good wear and maintenance qualities for your budget’s sake.

A lighting plan must be created to enhance your overall room setting and illuminate special room’s activities. Provide soft lighting for entertaining and direct or task lighting for reading.

Your lamps should be the right height and size that’s in balance with other furnishings. Today’s lamp shades come in a variety of textures, colors and styles, so consider selecting decorative shades to compliment your room’s overall decor.

Your living room must be livable for you; therefore maintenance is a major consideration. Select practical yet decorative furnishings and fabrics that will lighten your housework load. You’ll get more enjoyment when entertaining guests, and they will feel far more welcome.

My design style is EFFORTLESS and ENDURING. Decorating should never be stressful or overwhelming. Let me show you a more laid-back approach to interior design… as well as a way to create rooms that can stand the test of time. I love designs that are classic, but with elements of current style to keep the look fresh.

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