Little things in our homes can make a big difference. Often something as simple as a cheerful photo or a splash of color can help chase the winter blues away. With Spring making its way into our lives this week, I thought sharing some design tips for adding a little splash of color would be perfect for creating a festive season.

Bright Accent Colors#1 Paint
Color has been proven to affect our moods. Cheerful colors like yellow, orange and purple can make us smile. Soft blues and greens can instill a sense of calm. You don’t have paint your entire home, simply paint a wall or two in your favorite room.

#2 Add flowers
Flowers brighten any room and mood. Add a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers to any table. Daisies and bouquets of mixed flowers are generally inexpensive and can last a long time.

Adding Color to Your Decor#3 Textiles
Use throw pillows, an area rug or even drapery panels to add color to a room. Many people change their home’s décor to complement each season. Find colors that make you feel relaxed and comfy.

#4 Candles
Candles can provide more than aroma and light therapy. They come in every size, color and shape imaginable. You can add whimsy to your home, sophistication, or a modern edge – all while adding a touch of color. Look for candles that come in invigorating scents and your choice of colors.

Use Art in Your Decor#5 Art and Accessories
Choose colorful pieces to hang on your wall. It can be anything from a photo of a loved one or a piece of modern art. Create a collage of family photos and mount them on a colorful background for instant cheer and happy memories. And don’t forget to add some beautifully-colored accessories that add just the right touch to your home.

Make your home a place that makes you smile by surrounding yourself with all your favorite colors. Happy Spring to You!

My design style is EFFORTLESS and ENDURING. Decorating should never be stressful or overwhelming. Let me show you a more laid-back approach to interior design… as well as a way to create rooms that can stand the test of time. I love designs that are classic, but with elements of current style to keep the look fresh.

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