If your home has looked the same for the last decade, it might be a good time to consider changing the appearance of your rooms. After all, we could all use a little change every now and then. A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest ways to transform any room. However, you want to make sure your paint color suits your style and fits in with the look of the rest of your house.

This month I’m sharing 3 tips for choosing your paint color.

Trendy Decorating1. Don’t be “too” trendy.

Trends often come and go without much notice. Since what’s in today may not be in tomorrow, it’s best to ignore the latest decorating fads. If you go with a color scheme that’s too trendy, you could wind up with a look that becomes outdated sooner than you’d like.

So opt for a color that suits your own personal taste, instead.

Color Paint Choices2. Be daring, but not too daring.

Choosing a paint color that’s very similar to what you already have will have you wondering, why bother painting at all? But, on the other hand, choosing a color that’s too outside your comfort zone could have you feeling uneasy in your own home.

Decorating a room properly is all about striking the right balance. It’s best to go with a look that’s different from what you currently have, but still fits within the confines of the decor you truly like. In other words, strive to bend your personal design rules a little without completing breaking them.

3. Try it out online.

Before computers, in order to achieve the right color meant you might have to paint a room multiple times. Since most people didn’t have that kind of time or money, painting was usually a one-shot deal. Often if you didn’t like the paint color chosen, you just had to grin and bear it for a while.

Fortunately, the internet has changed all that. There are now several home-improvement websites that allow you to upload a photo of your room and instantly see what it would look like in a different color. With just a few clicks, you can test out anything from crisp white to bold red and everything in between. It’s a fun and efficient technique that will help you try before you buy.

Here are a couple to try…
Benjamin Moore offers this with their Personal Color Viewer®. Click here to try it out online!
And Sherwin-Williams offers the same capabilities with their Color Visualizer. Find it by clicking here.

Decorating TipOne last (bonus) tip: if you feel you just can’t make the right decision, stick with a neutral wall color (like beige or taupe) and bring in more color through the use of your accessories, instead.

If your rooms are in need of a makeover, a couple of cans of paint might just do the trick. Just be sure you choose a color you love. The tips I’ve shared will serve as great guidelines as you tackle your painting projects.

But if you find you need more help making the right color choices, contact me today for one of my color consultation packages. I’ll help you discover a fresh new look that will transform the appearance of your home!

Leslie Samiento, Your Personal Interior Decorator

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